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You may wonder why Paper Shredder Reviews was created. Let us tell you!

First and Foremost Shredding Paper is Fun! The noise and the destruction are always pleasing. :)

Second-- Identity Theft is a real issue and a paper shredder is the simplest, easiest, and cheapest step to prevent it.

When we were looking for a paper shredder, we found that there were so many models and options. It quickly became confusing. So we put together this site. We are posting more and more information each day.

So here at paper shredder reviews you can learn from our Editor Top Picks or from our Paper Shredder Expert Advice Section


How to Select a paper Shredder

1. First Decide how much shredding you have to do.

Is it a lot or a little. If it is a lot then you will need to look at a more expensive heavy duty machine.  If you have less say for a small office or work group you want to look for a shredder that will do 12 - 20 pages per pass.

2. Think about the Manufacturer. 

Over the years, the different shredder manufacturers have developed their repuations.

Fellowes has developed and excellent reputation and Ativa is the Office Depot house brand and they have probably received the most negative reviews out of all the different manufacturers.




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